What the Fuck should I make for Dinner?

What the Fuck should I make for Dinner has been curing culinary indecisiveness since early 2010. It’s based on two simple things: First, a question everyone of us faces everyday: “What should i make for dinner”. And secondly, the all-time classic expression “Fuck”.

WTFSIMFD is a simple website that presents a link to a recipe each time you reload the page, presented with charming phrases like “lessen your mother’s shame with some…” and buttons like “I don’t fucking like that” and “I’m not a fucking vegetarian”.

But what really makes WTFSIMFD awesome is its dedicated community. WTFSIMFD's Facebook page has become a place to go and curse in a supportive environment. It’s like an anger-management course for grown-up food lovers.

WTFSIMFD's founder Zach has a Bachelor of Arts linguistics and works as a copywriter in NYC. Maybe he has some deeper insights into the age-old fascination with the word “Fuck”. Enjoy the fucking Interview:

Zach Golden, founder of "What the Fuck should I make for Dinner"

Zach Golden, founder of "What the Fuck should I make for Dinner"

Fucking introduce yourself:
Hi, I'm Zach Golden. I am STD free and one time I caught a foul ball at a baseball game. I like dogs more than humans, but humans more than robots.

Who the fuck did come up with the idea for WTFSIMFD?
The short and wonderfully egocentric answer is me; my girlfriend and I would get home and often say "What the fuck should I make for dinner?" That would metastasize into full blown panic that with our rapid indecision, we would starve to death or at least be extremely weakened to the point where we couldn't watch Law & Order. Eventually, we would either succumb to takeout, or lie crying in the corner of our apartment starved and confused. So really, I didn't come up with the idea as much as it found me and gave me a love punch to the loins so I could fully comprehend that I needed to build the site.

How has this fucking project developed since?
The site still provides the indecisive and hungry fucking dinner suggestions. I wrote a cookbook that will be coming out this summer with 50 original recipes and gratuitous use of swear words and other language that makes my mother upset and my grandmother pretend that I work at a bank.

Your fans on fucking Facebook are some fucking active fucks, posting lots of recipes and comments. Why the fuck are they so fucking enthusiastic about WTFSIMFD?
My fans on facebook fucking rule. We have people who chronicle their gustatory habits daily and other fans who just like to pop in and say fuck or rant a little bit. I think their enthusiasm is probably equal parts being able to speak however they want and alcohol. Actually, it's probably more the alcohol.

What the fuck makes the word “fuck” so fucking interesting?
It makes anything sentence sound real. Real as in, not written by some shitty aspiring novelist who writes more like they talk as they jerk off in the mirror than people actually speak. I think in the context of food, or more precisely, fucking food, we are used to horrible flowery language that speaks to us as if we're mentally retarded or grew up in a Norman Rockwell painting. Fuck seems to resonate because eating is a basic human need like shitting, oxygen and blowjobs. We're not talking about fancy stuff, we're talking about not fucking dying from starving to death.

What’s your favorite fucking recipe ever?
My mother's lamb shanks braised in red wine. It tastes like childhood, but more grown up and sophisticated and with less crying.

What’s the worst fucking meal you ever ate?
I got really awesome food poisoning last Christmas from a reputable place in Chinatown in New York City. I spent the week between Christmas and New Years freelancing as a shit and piss factory so, while the fried piece of whatever the fuck destroyed my body was likely delicious, it fucking sucked.

What are your plans for the fucking future of WTFSIMFD?
I'm hoping that my book brings me to a level of fame incomprehensible to the human brain. I would then be forced to live amongst dogs and cats and other creatures who would be able to fully appreciate my greatness and they would make me their king. It would be a golden age for the kingdom and all would be well until I die from chronic awesomeness at the age of 278. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to cats so instead I'll probably just keep adding recipes and figuring out what my users want.

Thanks for your fucking time!
No thank you, i was drunk for most of this anyway.